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Company profile
   BEI JING MISSION HONGKONG TECHNOLOGY LIMITED COMPANY is one of the earliest private owned companies in China; its previous name was BEI JING HONGKONG ELECTRONIC LIMITED COMPANY that was registered in BEI JING at March 1990. The main business of the company is mixed integrated circuit, our main semi-conductor production are HK12series NVRAM (NON-VOLATILE SRAM) and OKS12 SERIES (software instruction locker NVRAM).Moreover, these productions are applied in a lot of fields. For example, in communication, commerce, energy, transport, aero, electricity, entertainment, education, tax, post, machine, medical, automatic etc.
   The products were tested by China Aero Department and National Semiconductor Quality Test Center. The result was excellent quality and reliable characteristics. Moreover, through cooperation with our customers, our production are promoted better and more, and our customers have known our rich technology ability and perfect service system. Furthermore, we have registered three patents for these products in CHINA INTELLIGENT RIGHT BUREAU. Meanwhile, our products have been selected by some national important engineering. Our products are sold around China and exported overseas. The main departments of the company are located in Shijingshan District and Haidian high technology District. Therefore, the main departments include sales department, technology department, manufacture department, supply department, office etc. Finally, we will strive to contribute more good products in this field to our clients in the future.

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